The members of have a total reach over 130.000 Swedish visitors per month, and each blog have its own niche within travel – ranging from travel with kids, adventure travel, gourmet travel to travel gadgets. Please read more about each blog below. The blogs are shown in the order that they became members, the first one on top and so on.

Google Analytics data is from March 2018. – Food and high-end travel

Matochresebloggen.seMatochresebloggen. A Swedish Travel blog with focus on gourmet travel, luxury hotels, wine, whisky and travel gadgets. Does also reviews of new restaurants, hotels and travel-related reportages such as travel hacks and general tips and tricks to get the best seats, get in to vip-lounges etc. 23.000 unique visitors per month and +3.000 followers on Instagram.

Readers are 75% woman/25% men and most are between 25-45 of age. Awarded as “Travel Inspirator 2016” and nominated for the Golden Pen Award 2016. Read more about here. Matochresebloggen is run by Christian Muda and you can get in touch with him by e-mail:  – Active travel (with kids)

Livetfrandenljusasidan.seLivet från den ljusa sidan – is a personal travel blog by Lisa Fahlåker, awarded many times, with a reach of +10.000 unique visitors per month. Focus is active travel – where walking that extra mile or adding adventures gives an stronger travel and nature experience – and where active days are mixed with silver lining (i.e. great food in the best restaurants). Target group is women age 25-44 – who love that little extra, and in addition to creating and care about their own experiences love travelling with kids.  Read more about here. Lisa also runs the popular travel podcast Att resa-podden with Resfredag. You can get in touch by email lisa at



FREEDOMtravel –Travel, adventure and camping

FREEDOMtravelFREEDOMtravel is the biggest blog in Sweden about travel, adventure and camping. The aim is to inspire to small and big adventures, far away as well as nearby. The articles include nature and culture experiences, for people travelling by plane, train, boat, car, camper or any other way of discovering our interesting planet. The blog has approximately 35,000 unique visitors and 90,000 page views per month. Reader engagement is high with 20 – 60 comments every day. About 60 % of the readers are women and 70 % are 45 years or older. The blog is run by Peter and Helena Bergström. Read more about the blog in English or get in contact by emailing


Ladies Abroad –  UNESCO sights, Nature and Exploring

Ladies AbroadLadies Abroad travel blog focuses on city trips, sun and beach holidays and round trips / road trip; to known and lesser-known destinations. In addition, blog post with accommodation and dining-/bar tips as well as SPA recensions appear. For Ladies Abroad´s readers it is important finding flights and accommodation worth the money, but they are also willing to pay a little extra for a spectacular experience. Ladies Abroad was founded in 2012 by Lena and Maxime Löfblad; mother and grown-up daughter. By the current situation, the owners have visited 65 countries. Ladies Abroad has approximately +8.000  unique visitors per month, of which 60% are from Sweden and 30% are from Norway. On Instagram, the numbers are about international 6,500 followers. The blog has several times been listed as one of Sweden´s best travel blogs, and won the award Best Travel Blog 2016. You can read more about us in English, and contact us at – Activities and exploring

4000mil.se4000mil is run by the married couple Gunilla and Christofer Yourstone. The content is 100% about travel and contains material from all over the world. There is a clear focus on activities and exploring. The blog has a special section for hiking and another one for hotels with that something extra. Most trips are done by the authors as a couple, but sometimes also contains family-trips together with teenagers. The readers are 30-60 years and very interested in travelling. They are independent travellers and they like to explore and travel in an active way. The blog is growing every month and has now over 20.000 unique readers per month. The Instagram account has +2000 followers. The blog has been mentioned and listed as one of the best swedish blogs a number of  times in swedish media. Read more about the blog here or contact us by e-mail:

Liniz Travel & Lifestyle – Travelling with kids, SPA trips and weekends

Liniz Travel is a Swedish Travel Blog with focus on travelling with kids, SPA trips and weekends.  Food and wine is also a big interest. Both travelling Short haul and long haul destinations. As she is working as a stewardess when not blogging she also has the best tips how to enjoy your flight both with kids and without. 5.000 unique visitors per month and +3.000 followers on Instagram. Readers are between 25-55 of age. Read more about Liniz Travel here. Liniz Travel is run by Lina Sjölund who have been in media several times as an travel with kids expert, tips when flying and have had a lecture about travelling with kids. You can get in touch with her by e-mail; – full-time traveler and photographer is one of the most popular travel blogs in Sweden with approximately 50 000 unique visitors from Sweden each month, and a total of 190 000 unique visitors worldwide.The blog is written by Alex Waltner, a full-time traveler and photographer who shares travel tips and guides from his journeys around the world. Around 55% of the readers are aged between 25-44 where 70% of them are female.

The blog is available in both English and Swedish versions and focuses on detailed and structured travel guides as well as useful tips and hotel/restaurant/airline reviews. Swedish Nomad is also active on social media with a total of + 245 000 followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook combined. The aim is to inspire people to travel more, better and longer. You can get in contact directly at

Bonus member – rising stars between 3-5.000 unique visitors per month

FlyingDryden – Aviation

FlyingDryden FlyingDrydenis a Swedish travel blog with main focus on couples and singles trips, short and long trips, and usually with some adrenaline-pumping activity on the schedule, such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, hiking and exercise. There is also great interest in aviation and this is also reflected in the statistics. Two of the most read posts ever is about to climb Kebnekaise (Sweden’s highest mountain) and 15 tips for a longhaul flight. The blog has 3-4000 visitors per month, 50% is in the age of 25-44 and both men and women. The blog has been mentioned several times as one of Sweden’s best and it often receives appreciation for great texts and beautiful pictures. The number of views on the Youtube channel is increasing constantly, and it is mainly the aviation films that attract most viewers. You can get in contact by email


E-mail for general questions: