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Swedish Travel Bloggers

Swedish Travel Bloggers is a network for companies and tourist boards to easily find the largest, serious Swedish Travel bloggers. The bloggers within the network all have this in common;

  • The blog is written in Swedish
  • The blogger uses Google Analytics and is happy to share visitor statistics with you
  • Minium number of monthly unique visitors to be a part of is 5.000 per month.
  • The bloggers only do serious partnerships where it is clear for the reader that a particular blog post is part of a partnership


You find detailed information about each blog under “Members” on this page, but in short – each blog have it’s on niche within travel:

Matochresebloggen – Food and high-end travelblog with +30.000 unique monthly visitors.





FREEDOMtravel – Travel, adventure and camping


Livet från den ljusa sidan  – Active travel (with kids)





4000mil – Activities and exploring




 – full-time traveler and photographer

Liniz Travel & Lifestyle  – Travelling with kids, SPA trips and weekends

How to find the right Swedish Travel Blogger for your campaign

Either, you just want the largest travel bloggers, no matter what readers they have. Or, you want for example bloggers to reach a particular target group, for example women 24-45. In both cases, we will help you find the right bloggers for your purpose.

Get in touch with

You can send an e-mail to us at  or you can check out the profile of the members here and get in touch with the ones you think would be a perfect match for your campaign!

Founder of Swedish Travel Bloggers

Christian Muda who runs is the founder of Today, another for of the largest travel blogs in Sweden have been approved memberships in the network.